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Chicago Police Captains Association
1616 W. Pershing Road,
Chicago, IL 60609

Fellow CPCA Members:

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. My term as president is up and the new Executive Board was introduced at the last meeting. They are:
Marc Buslik- President
Ron Pontecore- Vice President
Roger Bay- Treasurer
Laurel Bresnahan- Secretary
Brigid Forlenza- Retiree Liaison

The 2014 PBPA books and stickers have been mailed to the dues paying members. The wall calendars have also arrived and will be available for pick up, either at a district station or we may be able to ship it to the out of state folks. They will also be available at the dinner meetings. If you want calendars or extra stickers, please contact one of the Board members or email: cpdcaptains@hotmail.com to make arrangements to receive the items.

Thank you for allowing me to serve on the Executive Board for the past 6 plus years. Hope to see many of you at future dinner meetings.

Hoot Bahmandeji


American Heritage Protective Services